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New Detour Camp Kitchen Collection: A refined way to refuel

New Detour Camp Kitchen Collection: A refined way to refuel

Most seasoned adventurers will put outdoor dining high on their priority list. That’s because there are few better joys after a long haul on the open road or open water than refueling with a finely cooked camp meal.

However, for your outdoor feasts to equal the quality of a home-cooked meal, you’ll need the right cookware and tableware. This is why—all new for 2024—we’re bringing you vehicle-based campers, overlanders, RV enthusiasts and seafarers, one of the hardiest, most versatile, and most refined camp kitchen ranges on the market. Meet the Detour Camp Kitchen Range.

Meet the Detour Camp Kitchen Collection

Durable, collapsible and extremely cook-friendly, the Detour Camp Kitchen Collection goes beyond standard camp cookware, to the realm of premium camp dining.

We’ve designed the range to be exceptionally durable for vehicle-based adventures—using premium materials that will outlast any challenge your expeditions serve up—with enough ingenious features to make both usage and storage an absolute breeze.

Whether it’s a quick morning coffee while your partner packs up the rooftop tent or a sensational feast while your toes nestle in the cold sand, everything about the Detour Camp Kitchen Range focuses on making exceptional meals for you in the outdoors.

Induction stove compatibility: A game-changer in collapsible cookware

One of the most exciting features of the Detour Collection is the cookware’s induction stove compatibility. This places Detour in a league of its own as the highest-quality collapsible cookware designed to work on induction stoves. But why’s that important?

Unlike traditional stove tops that use electric or gas burners to generate radiant heat, induction cooktops create a magnetic field that induces heat in compatible pots and pans. This method means precise temperature control while cooking and is incredibly efficient and safe.

Speaking of safety, with an induction stove, you can even cook a meal during the ‘fire ban’ season. While open flames may be restricted in peak summer periods, induction stoves are safe to cook with all year round.

Thanks to its stainless steel base, the Detour Cook Pot is as efficient on your induction stove as your favorite home kitchen cook pot. And because hot spots can be a nightmare when you're cooking on a camp stove, our Detour Cook Pots feature a three-ply base with a layer of heat-conductive aluminum sandwiched between two tough stainless steel layers, ensuring even heat distribution and superior cooking control.

Best of all, our induction-friendly Detour Cookware promotes a simpler way to cook: no emissions in confined spaces, and no gas canisters to be refilled.

Peak Quality and Supreme Durability

The Detour Range brings the quality and function of premium domestic cookware and tableware to the realm of camp kitchens. From cookware to cutlery to dinnerware, each product was engineered to deliver quality.

Take the Detour Stainless Steel Collapsible Kettle, a rugged but refined camp essential for vehicle-based adventurers. The kettle’s base was crafted from top-tier stainless steel to ensure even heat distribution, corrosion resistance, and strength. And—as with the range’s collapsible pots—the Detour Kettle’s food-grade silicone rubber is not only BPA-free but is certified to EU food-grade standards.

Ease of use is essential when your hands have spent the day on the steering wheel, so the Detour Kettle offers double handles made of glass-reinforced nylon 66 for a more precise pour, every time.

These products are built to withstand the rigors of off-road adventures and to add a little prestige and class to your outdoor dining.

Collapsible and Car-friendly Cookware

Vehicle-based adventuring, car camping, overlanding… call it what you will, but one thing we know about four-wheeled adventures—and even two-wheeled expeditions—is that if your gear’s not well packed for rough, undulating terrain, you’re in for a frustrating time.

That's why, thanks to their flexible silicone walls, our Detour Pots and Detour Kettle collapse to a fraction of their in-use heights. This space-saving design ensures effortless transport of your cooking gear, without eating up precious space in your vehicle or camp storage unit.

Silence is golden (especially for vehicle-based explorers)

We like the steady, soothing hum of passing wind when we charge over undulating terrain. Not the rattles and clunks of loose kitchenware.

Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, the knife, fork and spoon in our Detour Stainless Steel Cutlery set are ergonomically designed to nest together. They also come with a magnetic silicone rubber keeper to hold the set tight and prevent sliding and rattling during transport. You can even secure the magnet to your car’s body, keeping your cutlery in place while you prepare your feast.

Even our cookware and dinnerware focus on a quieter trip. Designed to stack once collapsed, the silicone rubber insert in the base means your pots, kettle, bowls and plates will stay in place while you travel and on uneven surfaces.

Smarter than your average camp kitchen

An experienced off-road adventurer or sailor would never take short cuts. Neither would Sea to Summit’s product development engineers.

2024’s Detour Kitchen Collection has been made with the highest quality materials and typical Sea to Summit attention to detail where function is concerned.

The Pouring Pot and the Kettle feature our patent-pending LidKeep, which allows you to secure the lid to the rim of the pot or kettle, keeping your lids clean and out of the way while you cook. And when you’re done cooking, the pot’s Click-Safe removable handle can be reversed to secure the lid and any nesting tableware during transport.

The collection includes everything you need for from food prep – kitchen knives and utensils, cutting boards and collapsible colanders – to cookware encompassing pots, a pan and a kettle, to tableware including plates, bowls and cutlery.

From the inventors of collapsible dinnerware, the Detour Collapsible Dinnerware set is the most durable dinnerware we’ve ever made.

And as always, it’s the little details that make the difference. Take the Cool Grip fins, molded into the sides of the Detour Mugs. The ‘fluted’ surface dissipates heat effectively, meaning you can hold a hot drink safely (plus the fins ensure a secure grip).

Detour bowls and mugs pack flat for easy storage, and even the inside curvature of the bowls and plates perfectly matches Sea to Summit spoons (meaning no morsels are missed). Bringing home quality meals to the outdoors.

Packed with innovative features and built with high-grade materials, the Detour Camp Kitchen Collection brings home cooked potential to outdoor cooking. This year, whip up gourmet feasts right at your campsite, with the Detour Kitchen Collection.

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