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Detour Stainless Steel Camp Kitchen

Elevate your backcountry dining with our new Detour cookware and dinnerware. Ideal for vehicle-based campers, a combination of stainless steel and EU food-grade silicone rubber creates the only induction stove-compatible and collapsible cookware on the market.
Detour Camp Kitchen
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Detour Camp Kitchen
Detour Camp Kitchen
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Detour Camp Kitchen

Elevate your backcountry diningDetour Cookware and Dinnerware

Exquisitely engineered, Detour Collection Cookware brings the quality of top of the line home cookpots to the realm of the camp kitchen. It combines high-quality stainless steel with EU / Japanese food-grade silicone rubber and Sea to Summit design genius to create the highest-quality, induction stove-compatible, collapsible cookware on the market. Extremely durable, the Detour pots and kettles collapse to a fraction of their in-use height for easy packing for transportation.

Complemented by the equally ingenious Dinnerware, Utensils and Accessories, the Detour Collection Cooksets are the pinnacle of the outdoors no matter what your form of transportation.

Upgrading your camp kitchen set to the Detour Collection gives you a rugged yet refined dining experience.

Frequently Asked questions

Can the Detour Stainless Steel camp cookware be used over an open flame/campfire?

No. Flames from an open fire would damage the silicone rubber sidewalls of the pots and kettle. The Pan could be used over an open fire, but there are better (cast iron) options for this.

What types/lengths of trips is the Detour Stainless Steel camp cookware best used on?

Detour Camp Cookware and Dinnerware is durable and functional, and ideal for short weekend getaways to months-long worldwide expeditions. It is designed for vehicle-based camping: RVs, four-wheel drives, ocean-going boats.

Are stainless steel pots and pans better for camping than titanium cookware?

Stainless steel and titanium address different needs. Titanium camp cookware is lightweight and used by backpackers/cycle tourers, stainless steel is durable but heavier and is used for vehicle-based adventures.

What's the best way to clean stainless steel cook sets while camping?

Commercially-available stainless steel cleansers work well, and are worth including in your kitchen box. Alternatively, a paste made of baking soda and a very small amount of water should clean most stains in Detour Cookware.