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Camping Cookware

Our camping pots and pans were all designed to make outdoor cooking easier and tastier. The products include collapsible and ultralight cookware, and a range of rugged, refined stainless steel products. Their functionality makes them a game changer for hungry hikers and adventurers.

Induction Stove Compatible
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Induction Stove Compatible
Induction Stove Compatible
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Induction Stove Compatible

Ignite your inner outdoor gourmetCamping Cookware

Our collapsible Frontier and Detour cookware is incredibly versatile: pots and kettles pack flat, with tableware nested inside. As they say in Australia - pop out for a quick meal. If you prefer rigid cookware, our stainless steel collapsible pots are the choice of outdoor gourmets who appreciate quality and small-but-helpful functional touches. Our Detour collection is induction stove-compatible and collapses for rattle-free transportation. 

Frequently Asked questions

How do I clean/store the cookware?

Detour and Frontier Ultralight Pots and Pans should not be washed in a dishwasher. Hand wash with dish soap/hot water. Do not use the scouring side of a sponge on Frontier cookware. Ensure pots are dry before long-term storage. 

Is this cookware compatible with open-flame cooking?

Frontier and Detour cookware should not be used over an open fire.

Will it work on an induction stove?

Induction stoves require pots made of magnetic materials. Our Detour collection is induction stove compatible. 

Is this cookware food safe?

All Sea to Summit cookware and tableware is made of BPA-FREE and EU-food grade materials.