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Camping Pillows

Our collection of ultra quiet, lightweight, packable camping pillows features a variety of shapes and sizes for every adventure. Comfort in the backcountry is achievable.

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Aeros Down Pillow
Aeros Down Pillow
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Choosing the Right Pillow for You
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Choosing the Right Pillow for You

A rested developmentUltralight & Compact Camping Pillows

Whether you’re hiking through the Blue Mountains of Australia or tackling the Half Dome Trail of Yosemite, you don’t have to compromise on comfort with our wide range of ultralight, packable travel and camping pillows.
Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for every adventure; our Foam Core pillows offer the luxurious feel and comfort of your favorite pillow at home or opt for ultralight and super packable inflatable Aeros travel pillows, when weight is a priority.
The Aeros Traveller is shaped to perfectly wrap around your shoulders and allow you to sleep comfortably on planes, trains and automobiles without the bulk of conventional travel pillows.

Inflate an Aeros Ultralight or Premium pillow in a few breaths then sink into its comfortable contours. When you wake, deflate the pillow via the multi-function valve and stow the tiny, lightweight stuff sack in your pack or travel bag. An Aeros pillowcase makes keeping your pillow clean really easy; and can be stuffed with spare clothes or a down jacket to form a minimalist pillow option.
The Pillow Lock System secures your Aeros or Foam Core pillow to a Sea to Summit sleeping pad for a slip-free-sleep. Rest assured.

Frequently Asked questions

Do I need a pillow case for my camping pillow?

A pillow case is not an essential, but if you use your Aeros Pillow regularly, it's a great way to keep it clean. It's much easier to wash a pillowcase than a pillow.

Are any of your camping pillows self-inflating?

Sea to Summit does not make a self-inflating pillow. We have inflatable (Aeros) pillows and foam filled (Foam Core) pillows.

How do you pack a camping pillow?

Inflatable pillows (like the Aeros pillows) are easy to pack: open the valve, fold the pillow from the edges towards the center until the pillow is the same width as the stuff sack, then roll it and slide it into the supplied stuff sack or pouch. 

Are camping pillows machine washable?

The Foam Core pillows can be washed in a machine; Aeros Pillows should be hand washed (remember to close the valve first). 

How do I inflate my camping pillow?

Aeros Pillows have a multi-function valve. Open the inner section of the valve and blow into it (if you have a Sea to Summit Air Sprung Cell mat, the pumpsack can be turned inside out and used to inflate our pillows).