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Ultralight Backpacking Tents

Sea to Summit's ingenuity and applied engineering and result in tents that are simple to use, simple to adapt to varying conditions and simply more liveable.


Details make the differenceUltralight Tents

Our award-winning ultralight backpacking tents offer more space, superior ventilation and unmatched versatility. With freestanding and semi-freestanding options and 3 and 3+ season versions available for your next camping or backpacking adventure, there's an option to suit everyone.

Designed with unique Tension Ridge Architecture, our Telos and Alto tents have greater overall ceiling height, near vertical walls and higher doors. This has also allowed us to put our oversized Apex Vent at the highest point of the tent to more effectively expel hot air and moisture vapor – significantly reducing condensation. Both tents offer multiple set-up configurations and our Telos tents can be used in Hangout Mode, which converts your tent's fly into a semi-open shelter.

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Frequently Asked questions

What's the difference between a Freestanding and Semi-Freestanding ultralight backpacking tent?

A freestanding tent has poles that extend down to all internal four corners, holding them under tension. A semi-freestanding tent has poles that extend down to two corners, but two other corners need to be staked out to provide tension. Semi-freestanding tents are lighter than freestanding models.

What's the difference between 3 Season and 3+ Season ultralight backpacking tents?

Sea to Summit's 'Plus' models have nylon fabric (rather than mesh) inner walls which prevent breezes from entering the inner tent. Each model also a higher-spec (more waterproof) floor.

What size sleeping pads fit in the 1, 2, and 3 person backpacking tents?

Alto and Telos are designed for tapered (not rectangular) sleeping pads. Here are then number/sizes of mats each tent will accommodate: Alto TR1: 1 x Large | Alto TR 2: 1 x Large, 1 x Regular | Telos TR 2: 2 x Large | Telos TR 3: 1 x Large, 2 x Regular.

Which Sea to Summit tent is best suited for bikepacking?

The Telos TR 2 Bikepack is an excellent bikepacking tent - it has great space and ventilation, and packs really compact (especially the poleset, which has short segments).