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Meet Our Ambassadors

These people inspire us to test our limits in the outdoors and do more for the wild places we love.

Ashley Voykin

Ambassador Ashley Voykin

Ashley Voykin is a landscape and outdoor adventure photographer based in the Kootenay Rockies region of British Columbia, Canada.

Her work focuses on small towns, big mountains, and exploring those spaces - with nature and the outdoors always at the forefront of her imagery.

She can be found exploring the roads and trails of Southeastern British Columbia, searching for fresh takes on the stunning locations that define the Canadian wilderness.

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Andrew King

Ambassador Andrew King

My name is Andrew Alexander King. I'm an African American explorer that was born in Detroit and found peace in nature when I moved to Hawaii. I taught myself how to surf, free dive, and climb mountains to experience nature deeper and learn from others around the world that know more than me.

Along the way I found a space for wanting to help, but also a deeper need to listen first before doing so. I decided that I would not climb, dive or surf in a place without listening and giving back to those that protect, live, and find peace within the land they live on and the issues they combat while living on it.

Along the way to try to be the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent, I plan to talk about issues that impact communities where these mountains are located such as, but not limited to: sexism, racism, economic barriers and climate change.

I don't have the answer to many things but I do feel as we travel together from the seas to the summits of these mountains and volcanoes that not all, but some answers for how we help each other and grow from our experiences will be found.

In peace

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Jamie Carlson

Ambassador Jamie Carlson

By career trade I am a trauma ICU nurse living in Denver, Colorado. When I’m not working night shift, my life is centered around activities like snowboarding, hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

Vanlife was a dream for years. I didn’t see the dream any other way than building the entire home on wheels myself. So over the past year I did just that, using the foundation my mom and grandpa had taught me when I was young while also learning new lessons along the way.

Sea to Summit aligns with many of these ideals - having created and tested products through use in the most challenging environments - I intend to live by that principle while building more custom homes for off grid living.

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