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Camping Water Storage

An essential part of every hiking and camping trip, our collection of streamlined solutions for hydration, washing, and campsite water storage allow you to keep the adventure going.


Simply indispensableCamping Water Storage

Transporting, storing and dispensing water is elemental to all forms of outdoor recreation. Sea to Summit adds functionality to utility with the Watercell ST and Watercell X. Internal baffles to maintain the shape and allow the Watercells to be stacked? Check. A grab handle to make filling easier? Check. A fill cap that has the same-sized thread as many water filters? Check. Plenty of attachment points? Of course. Perfect for short backpacking trips to round-the-world overland expeditions.


Frequently Asked questions

How long will water keep inside/ Is it suitable for long term storage?

Water can be kept for several days inside a Watercell or Pack Tap. For very long-term storage, a stainless-steel container should be considered.

Can I store liquids other than water in it?

It can be very difficult to get juice or wine residue out of a soft-sided water storage product, especially if they are stored for longer periods (effervescent peroxide tablets are the best way to accomplish this).

Do all Sea to Summit water storage bags hang upside for dispensing and/or showering?

The Watercell X can be hung up to dispense water and be used as a shower.

Is it safe to add warm or hot water to a Sea to Summit water storage container? What about placing in the sun to warm up for showering?

Hot (not boiling) water will not damage a Watercell X, but Watercells should not be used as 'hot water bottles' (a rigid drinking bottle would be preferable). It's fine to leave a Watercell in the sun to warm up the water for a shower.

What size water filter attachments fit Sea to Summit Watercells?

Watercells are not designed to work with gravity-fed filters. Pump-type filters with 63mm threaded connectors will fit the Watercell thread size.

What's the best way to clean camping water storage containers?

Warm water and dishwashing soap will clean a Pack Tap or Watercell effectively (rinse thoroughly). Residual taste and or odor can be removed using effervescent peroxide tablets (Bottle Bright). Do not use bleach.