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Build Your Sleep System

Comfort is the evolution of adventure

A sleeping pad has two functions: to provide comfort and to help keep you warm by insulating you from the cold ground. Key considerations when choosing a mat include R-Value (indicates warmth), air vs. self-inflating, weight, and packability.
The sleeping bag is intended to retain your warmth while the temperature outside is cold. Down sleeping bags tend to be lighter and packable, while synthetic bags can provide the same degree of warmth as a down bag at an more affordable price point – plus, they are great in wet conditions.
Liners serve a similar function as a clothing base layer, wicking moisture to keep you cool and dry or using air pockets and insulating technology to help retain warmth. Some liners can add a warmth boost of up to 22% for a 1 season sleeping bag while others focus on keeping you dry.
Our collection of ultra quiet, lightweight, packable camping pillows features a wide variety of shapes and sizes for any adventure. All Sea to Summit pillows and sleeping mats are pillow lock compatible, keeping your pillow securely in place while you sleep.