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Spark Sleeping Bag Series

Frequently Asked questions

Is this sleeping bag warm enough for cooler temperatures?

This sleeping bag is great for cool-weather camping and travel, especially the 5°F or 18°F models for late fall temps. For colder winter conditions, try pairing our Spark 5°F with a 3.5 R-Value sleeping pad or higher, like the Comfort Light Insulated.

Can this sleeping bag be used as a liner inside another sleeping bag?

Yes. You could use the Spark 50°F, or even the Spark 40°F to boost the performance of a bag for cold-weather use. Adding one of these to a 20°F bag might make more sense than buying a 0°F bag for occasional winter use.

Can this sleeping bag be zipped to another sleeping bag?

Yes - this sleeping bag can be zipped to a Flame sleeping bag with a full-length zipper.