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Sleeping Pads, Bags & More

When you're weighing your options, the most important factor is the value of a great night's sleep. 

Warmth + Versatility
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Warmth + Versatility

Rest assuredSelf-inflating and air sleeping pads

A sleep system is a combination of gear designed to optimize comfort, warmth, and versatility while you sleep in the outdoors. Comprised of a sleeping mat, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner, and pillow, we’ve created products at Sea to Summit that work seamlessly together and can be personalized to meet the need of any adventurer. 

Choose from a wide variety of options to customize your sleep system to suit different climates, activities, and sleep preferences - achieving an optimal balance between warmth, weight, and functionality.

Whether your preference is lightweight and packable or the comfort and durability, Sea to Summit has a perfect combination for you.