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Passage Lightweight Camp Kitchen

The new Passage camp dinnerware collection makes mealtimes simple and seamless. Stronger, lighter, and more functional, it's the perfect all-rounder that neatly nests together.
$49.95 ($66.12 value)
$29.95 ($42.17 value)
Passage Camp Kitchen
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Passage Camp Kitchen

Making Mealtimes Light and SeamlessPassage Dinnerware

Built of glass-reinforced polypropylene, the Passage Collection dinnerware is stronger and lighter than conventional camp plates, bowls and mugs. Low weight combined with functional design and simple touches such as Cool-Grip fins molded into the sidewalls for a firm grip, have become staples in the Sea to Summit product design.

Designed to stack and nest together, the Passage Collection dinnerware is offered as single items, sets, and even integrates seamlessly into the Frontier Collection cooksets.

You should feel comfortable rounding out the perfect place setting with the innovative Passage Collection cutlery.

Frequently Asked questions

What makes camp cookware ultralight versus lightweight? What are the weight range expectations?

A lightweight hiker will carry a 250-300g pot; a ultralight hiker will aim for less than 200g (sometimes compromising function – all Frontier pots have handles, despite the small weight increase). Some thru-hikers ditch cooking equipment altogether and ‘cold soak’ meals.

What material is best for lightweight camp cookware?

Titanium is light and strong, but is a poor conductor of heat. Stainless steel is strong but heavy; it conducts heat moderately well. Hard-anodized aluminum is light, can be engineered to be strong, and conducts heat very well – it is the material of choice for most lightweight cookware.

Are certain materials/weights more ideal for certain lengths of backpacking trips?

If you consider weight, heat conduction & durability, the best cookware material is a quality hard-anodized aluminum alloy. Stainless steel and titanium are stronger but heavier / less heat conductive. Good engineering can make aluminum cookware perfectly strong enough.