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Down Sleeping Bags

Our down is independently certified for its quality and fillpower. Sleeping bags use body-mapping, ergonomic shaping and function-specific design to put the right amount of insulation exactly where you need it.

Engineered for Women
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Engineered for Women

Engineered-in ComfortDown Sleeping Bags

Constructed using high-quality lightweight fabrics, each of our down sleeping bags has been specially engineered and shaped for the designed end use while maximizing comfort and warmth, without sacrificing versatility or packability.

Body mapping (different for unisex and women’s-specific bags) and efficient baffle design keep the right amount of insulation exactly where it is needed. Our colder-weather bags have complex hoods, 360° draft collars, and oversized zipper draft tubes.

Whether you’re looking for a technical minimalist down sleeping bag for fast and light activities like bikepacking and thru-hiking where space and weight are a premium, or if you need a down sleeping bag that’s versatile enough for multi-season adventures, explore our range of exceptionally lightweight, warm and packable down sleeping bags.

Frequently Asked questions

When should I use a down sleeping bag versus synthetic?

Down bags are lighter and more packable than a synthetic bag of equivalent warmth - so they are best for most backpacking/bikepacking use. 

What are the ideal environments, seasons, or pro/cons for down versus synthetic bags?

Synthetic sleeping bags are better in very wet conditions (they still insulate somewhat when damp) and in sandy environments (because they are easier to clean than down bags).

How long can a down sleeping bag be compressed?

Quality down can be compressed for significant lengths of time - even months - without damage; lower quality down may lose loft if compressed for more than a couple of weeks. Synthetic insulation is less resilient to compression than down. Always allow a bag to loft up for long term storage (in a dry place).

Is there an ideal way to store a down sleeping bag?

Store sleeping bags in a dry place loosely folded or stuffed into a mesh sack / cotton bag to allow ventilation. Make sure the bag is completely dry before storage.