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Guide For Choosing the Right Pillow

All Sea to Summit pillows are quiet, supportive and comfortable for a good night's rest. What other qualities are important to you? 

lightweight comfort

A good night's sleep is just as important as keeping your pack light - choose both.

extra cozy + lightweight

Compact packed size, lightweight and exceptional comfort with premium down.

small pack size + ultralight

Minimum weight while providing comfort for a good night's rest in the backcountry.

travel pillow

Small packed size and easy to inflate for frequent travel on planes, buses and trains. 

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Secures pillow to sleeping pad with adhesive hook-and-loop patches. All Sea to Summit sleeping pads come with Pillow Lock patches to prevent slipping. 


Inflate pillows in just a few breathes, adjust the firmness with the fine-tune button for maximum comfort, and deflate quickly for easy pack up.


We use the by-product from our Self Inflating Mats to create the heart of our Foam Core Pillow. This up-cycled foam is firmly packed inside a luxuriously soft and stretchy 50D knit fabric providing optimum comfort.

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