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Hiking Gear

Crafted gear to keep you adventure-ready: dry, organized, and with snacks secure. Elevate your next hike with meticulously chosen essentials. Unleash your exploration potential and focus on the breathtaking views, not the contents of your daypack.

Best San Diego Hikes
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Best San Diego Hikes
Best San Diego Hikes
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Best San Diego Hikes

Remove DistractionsEnjoy the Hike

Embark on your next outdoor odyssey with confidence. This curated collection of hiking essentials equips you to conquer any trail, from gentle day hikes to challenging fourteeners. Explore meticulously designed backpacks covers, day packs, and repair buckles, all crafted with premium materials and innovative features. Optimize your day pack weight, stay dry and comfortable with our hiking towels, and focus on the journey ahead so you can keep enjoying the beautiful views. 

Frequently Asked questions

What is a quick dry towel and how does it work?

Quick-dry towels are made of incredibly fine fibers with channels that absorb water by capillary action. The synthetic fibers then dry far more quickly than cotton. 

Is the Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack suitable for paddling?

No. The featherweight fabric is not suitable for the sharp/abrasive elements found in paddle environments.

Will a pack cover make my pack completely waterproof?

In most cases, waterproof enough - wind-driven rain can still enter through the space between your back and the harness