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Stuff Sacks

Simple and reliable, our stuff sacks store, protect, and organize your outdoor adventure gear. These durable, easy-to-clean bags come in a variety of sizes and colors for organized modular packing on any adventure.


Lose yourself in nature. But make sure you can find your gear.Stuff Sacks & Mesh Stuff Bags

Keeping your gear organized and protected is easy with our mesh and storage stuff sacks. Available in a range of sizes and colors for organized modular packing on any adventure, finding what you need from your pack is easier with stuff sacks.

Choose from our Ultra-sil Stuff Sacks or Mesh Stuff Sacks for lightweight adventures for storing and packing your camping essentials.


Frequently Asked questions

What size stuff sack is good for sleeping bags?

This depends on how warm the bag is, how compressible the insulation is and how light the fabrics are. Rough guide: summer down bag 8-10 L | 3-season down bag 10-13 L | 3-season synthetic bag 13-15 L | 4-season down bag 20 L | 4-season synthetic bag 30 L. 

What is a stuff sack?

A stuff sack is a storage sack which has a drawcord closure and untaped seams (a dry bag has a roll-top closure and taped seams). 

What size stuff sack is good for a down jacket?

A down sweater will fit in a 3-5 L stuff sack. A down parka will need a 5-8 L stuff sack. 

What size stuff sack works for clothes?

The most common sizes of stuff sack / dry bag used for clothing storage are 8 L and 13 L. 

How do you clean a stuff sack?

It's better to hand wash a stuff sack / dry bag (rather than machine wash) - use a mild soap and rinse thoroughly.