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Sleeping Bag Liners

A sleeping bag liner is the next-to-skin layer in your sleep system, or your hygienic sleep sheets when you travel. Sea to Summit liners use materials including Thermolite, Coolmax, Tencel and Silk to provide maximum comfort: wicking moisture, adding warmth and keeping your sleeping bag clean.


A sleeping bag liner is your next-to-skin layer in your Sleep System, or your always-ready set of hygienic sleep sheets when you’re traveling.

Whether you’re looking for a Tencel, silk blend, thermal boost or moisture management liner, this essential layer can improve the quality of your sleep by wicking moisture, adding warmth and keeping your sleeping bag clean. A liner can significantly raise your hygiene standards on longer trips, especially if you find yourself being offered less-than-pristine bedding. And when used with a sleeping bag, a liner can prevent dirt and grime from contaminating the liner and shell of your sleeping bag or compromising its insulation.

A liner is a great way to protect your investment – using one on every trip will significantly cut down on the number of times you need to wash your sleeping bag. Most of our liners are easy care fabrics that can simply be machine washed. Sleeping bag liners like our bestselling THERMOLITE Reactor Extreme are designed to add warmth to your sleep system in colder conditions. They’re a great way to extend the temperature range of your sleeping bag. Comfort is key when choosing a sleeping bag liner to complete your sleep system. 


Frequently Asked questions

What is the point of a sleeping bag liner?

A liner keeps your sleeping bag clean. It can also manage moisture when it's warm & humid (Breeze) or add warmth when it's cold (Reactor).

What's the difference between silk blend liners and other liners?

Silk blend sleeping bag liners are light, compact and designed for comfort - great for travel. 

Breeze sleeping bag liners are stretchy, easy care and wick moisture very well. 

Reactor Thermal sleeping bag liners are stretchy, easy care and add warmth to a sleeping bag.

Does the liner have to be the same size as your sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag liner does not have to be the same shape as the sleeping bag - our stretch knit liners has so much stretch, it fits any shape.

How do I store my sleeping bag liner?

No special care is needed for liner storage (except making sure the liner is dry beforehand).

Can you sleep in just a sleeping bag liner?

This answer isn't as straightforward as you think. To learn more about using a sleeping bag liner as a stand-alone sleeping bag, check out our blog: Using a Liner As a Sleeping Bag

Do liners make sleeping bags warmer? How much warmth is added?

All liners will add some warmth to a sleeping bag. How much is impossible to quantify - it depends on how well the sleeping bag retains warmth (not the same as its temperature rating), how well the sleeping pad insulates (not the same as its R-Value) and on external conditions.

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