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Our Favorite Gear for Camping in Your Car

Our Favorite Gear for Camping in Your Car

Get comfortable and save space on four-wheeled adventures.

There’s something irresistible about the simplicity and ease of camping out in your car. And with the right gear, you can get the comfort and convenience of a campervan with way less money and effort.

Whether you class yourself as a car camper, overlander, 4WD’er or off-roader, this is the gear that makes all those roadtrips that much more comfortable (and still allows you to take the kitchen sink).

What’s so cool about the Traveller I and Traveller II sleeping bags is how well they adapt to different environments and temperatures. Use them as a solo sleeping bag or unzip them into a spacious quilt. You can even zip one together with another Traveller, if the mood takes you.

Whether you’re out hiking, backpacking or living the vanlife, a sleeping bag liner is still one of the most useful bits of kit you can take on an overnight trip. Our COOLMAX® Adaptor liner will add warmth when the temperature drops and wick sweat away when the temperature rises. Best of all, it keeps dirt and grime from getting into the insulation of your sleeping bag, which keeps your bag performing at its best.

foam core pillow car camping

Compared to a backpack, your car might seem like it has enough space for everything you could want for a weekend away. But start throwing in your pillows from home and things quickly get cramped. Our Foam Core Pillows have the feel of a traditional pillow but roll down nice and compact.

x-series car camping packable

From cookware to dinnerware, the X-Series was made for car camping. Compact and durable, its collapsible silicone design packs flat for when you want to stow it, then expands when it’s dinner time. Perfect for saving space in cramped cars.

camp kitchen tool kit


Stored in a hangable Nylon roll-out pouch, the 10-piece kit includes the utensils you need to prepare a tasty meal for your hungry camp companions—then handover the wash kit for clean-up duty.

The clue for this one is in the name. Our award-winning Comfort Plus S.I. Mat is a plush 8cm thick and has a luxurious 30D stretch-knit face fabric, for seriously maximized comfort. It comes in a range of sizes but the double fits perfectly in the back of many larger cars. Just stow your back seats, roll it out, and in no time you’ll have a camp bed fit for a king or queen.

trash dry sack

Practice Leave No Trace principles wherever you are—without having to get up close and personal with your stinky garbage. Simply line the Trash Dry Sack with a plastic bag, collect all your waste and then roll up the leak-proof bag to contain any funky odor. You can even use the durable clip-in loops to hang it somewhere out of sight, and out of reach of wildlife.

camp clean up kit

This tiny disk flips open into a Camp Kitchen Clean-Up Kit with a 10L Ultra-Sil Kitchen Sink with all the other bits to wash your dishes like a pot scrubber, double-sided dishcloth and more. For the size and weight, it’s a super-handy one to keep in the glovebox all the time.

There’s no need to let personal hygiene slide on the road—especially when you’re sharing close quarters with other campers. The Pocket Shower weighs just 120g and delivers a 7-8 minute shower outdoors. Simply open up the rolltop closure, pour in the water, re-seal and hang. The shower operates via an easy-twist mechanism that can adjust the flow of water. Best of all, you can leave this black bag in the sun for a warm shower at the end of the day.

Our Tek Towel is the most luxurious of our packable towel range. Super absorbent and fast drying, the high-quality microfiber has a soft, terry cloth feel. Available in a huge range of sizes, you can grab an extra-small towel for drying dishes and a larger one for showering and swimming. When you’re done drying off, simply use the press stud hanging loop to hang it out to dry.

The Ultra-Sil Outhouse is the toilet roll holder you never knew you seriously needed. The ultimate in convenience for car camping and hiking alike, it keeps your toilet paper high and dry for when you need it most. Hang it somewhere where the whole group can access it and, when you can’t see it, you’ll know not to go wandering into the woods.

Keep a couple of these Ultra-Sil Nano Shopping Bags in the glovebox and you’ll be ready for impromptu pit-stops and grocery runs.

Built for long-lasting performance, our SigmaPot is made from premium-grade stainless steel. With an easy-to-clean cooking surface, and convenient features like our PIVOT-LOCK handle and LID KEEP, it makes outdoor cooking that much more convenient. Plus, it nests securely for easy stowage and comes in a range of convenient sets.

Our award-winning Duffle Bags make it easy to haul your gear around. The large lid provides easy access to your stuff and makes packing a breeze. The multi-functional handles give you three carry options, including on your back, and the magnetic handle keeper keeps your bag handles out of the way. What’s more, they’re as tough as nails, so just throw them in the back of your car and hit the road.

When you’re living in a small space, organization is essential (unless you enjoy unpacking and re-packing your car again and again). The Travelling Light Packing Cells, Garment Mesh Bags and Shoe Bags keep everything neat and orderly. And the Padded Soft Cells are a minimalist way to store cables and electronics.

The Travelling Light Hanging Toiletry Bags make the most of your vertical space when you need to brush your teeth or reapply sunscreen. Separate mesh compartments keep everything in place and the detachable mirror always comes in handy.

watercell x camping water storage


A flexible water storage and dispensing solution that folds away flat when empty, the Watercell X will change the way you pack your car of 4WD. It also doubles up as a shower when you swap out the wide-mouth opening with the included shower fitting.

Photography: Jenny Fischer, Alex Gorham and Colette McInerney

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