Ultralight Hammock

Ultralight Hammock

Our Ultralight Hammocks feature a custom made 20D Nylon monofilament fabric. Their whisper-light appearance is matched on the scales. Rated at 135kg the fabric is more than strong enough to take the load of a sleeping camper. Being a monofilament fabric, it is also highly compressible making for a miniscule packed size. The lightweight, high strength 6-series aluminium buckles are connected to the hammocks with 0.8mm Dyneema® non-stretch polyester blend webbing which is bar-tacked five times at each end for ultimate security.

Available in Single & Single XL sizes.


    ultralight hammock sleep system

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      • Quick Connect Buckles allow easy setup and fine-tuning.
      • Highly breathable fabric wicks moisture away
      • Triple bar-tacked webbing loop
      • High strength aluminium buckle works with Suspension Straps
      • Extremely light fabric and tiny pack size
      • Ultra-Sil® Compression sack for a compact and protected hammock
      • Extra space inside compression sack to store Suspension Straps (sold separately)
      • 135kg/300lb capacity


    Size variation
    260 CM
    120 CM
    155 G
    Single XL
    300 CM
    150 CM
    205 G


    20D Monofilament Nylon

    20D Monofilament Nylon

    Sea to Summit's 20D monofilament fabric is structural, breathable and ultralight. The fine Denier yarn is light, but most importantly has large areas between the yarn so it is extremely packable. These characteristics are perfect for a hammock that would need to be ultralight be also highly breathable. Monofilament fabric is very uncommon in the textile industry because multi-filament fabrics fulfill the requirements for most other manufacturers. Multi-filament yarn is made by braiding countless fibers together into a single strand. By comparison monofilaments are a single extruded strand of plastic, in our case high-tenacity Nylon. To achieve the low-density weave required for breathability and pack-ability the woven fabric is heat-seared to melt the yarn in place.
    Lightweight Aircraft Alloy

    Lightweight Aircraft Alloy

    Lightweight Aluminium alloys are known for their excellent strength to weight ratios and versatility for different applications.
    Quick Connect Buckles

    Quick Connect Buckles

    The Hammock Quick-Connect Buckles are designed for fast set-up and easy adjustment. The pair of buckles are connected in a split second but offer infinite length adjustment so you can achieve the most comofrtable hang. One buckle of the pair is bartacked to the hammock while the second buckle is threaded through the Suspension Strap webbing. Pro hammocks use 3mm steel buckle with Nickel plating. The Ultralight hammocks are supplied with 3mm buckles made from lightweight, aircraft aluminum alloy. Compared to traditional carabiner to loop connections, Quick Connect buckles are more compact, lighter, and offer more adjustment.


    Denier:  The Denier of a fabric relates to the weight of the yarn from which the fabric is woven. The Denier of the yarn is actually the weight, in grams, of 9000 yards of yarn. A lower denier usually means that a fabric is lighter (and more delicate) than a heavier denier.