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Camping Utensils

Keep these durable and lightweight camping utensils at the ready for quick snack breaks or campfire meals. Designed to stand the test of time and deliver a mouthwatering bite every time.

Snap-Together Cutlery
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Snap-Together Cutlery
Snap-Together Cutlery
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Snap-Together Cutlery

The difference between eating and dining outCamping Cutlery Sets

Elevate camp meals with Sea to Summit’s range of durable, lightweight, and stainless steel camping cutlery sets and utensils. Designed to be both functional and easy to use, they include clever design features such as nesting and stacking capability. Curves which perfectly match the shape of our bowls and plates. For quick snack breaks on the trail to campfire meals, be ready for mealtime anywhere and on any adventure with our range of ultra-strong stainless steel cutlery, super-lightweight Frontier and Passage camp cutlery sets. 

Frequently Asked questions

Can these utensils be used for cooking?

Frontier Long Handled Spoon and Sporks can be used for cooking along with Detour utensils (take care around hot surfaces with Passage cutlery). Folding Spatula and Serving Spoon are perfect for camp cooking. 

Are there sets available?

Passage, Frontier, and Detour cutlery all come in sets. Utensils are also available in our do-it-all Camp Kitchen Tool Kit

Will it fit in my backpack?

The Passage and Frontier cutlery will fit in your pack; Frontier cutlery is compact enough to nest inside certain cookpots.   

What materials are Sea to Summit camping utensils available in?

Sea to Summit cutlery is available in stainless steel (Detour Cutlery), glass-reinforced polypropylene (Camp Cutlery, Passage Cutlery) and hard-anodized aluminum (Frontier Cutlery).

What are the heat limitations of Sea to Summit camping utensils?

Glass-reinforced polypropylene cutlery is OK for use with boiling water, but hot oil (frying, sautéing) may melt it. Aluminum cutlery has no real temperature limitations in kitchen use, but conducts heat well (be careful when stirring hot liquids for prolonged periods - handles may become hot).

What's the best way to clean and pack camp kitchen utensils and cutlery?

Warm water and biodegradable soap is fine for cleaning utensils/cutlery (bleach is not necessary). Packing utensils in a dishcloth/bandana prevents damage to non-stick coatings and prevents rattling. Aluminum utensils are not dishwasher safe.