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Camping Dinnerware

Our collection of durable camping and backpacking dinnerware pushes the boundaries of backcountry cuisine. Lightweight and ultra packable, our plates, bowls, and cups come in sets and single carry for safe and delicious, easy meals.

$49.95 ($66.12 value)
Lightweight + Collapsible Collection
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Lightweight + Collapsible Collection
$29.95 ($42.17 value)

Perfect tableware - even if the nearest table is miles awayCamping Dinnerware

Made of extremely high quality EU-food grade, BPA-free materials, Sea to Summit dinnerware is designed to nest perfectly with our cookware - without the need for convoluted non-ergonomic shapes. It also works really well as part of your food preparation system: check our blog for measuring, chopping and pouring tips.

Frequently Asked questions

Are these microwave-safe?

Our Passage collection is microwave-safe but our Frontier and Detour collections are not. 

How do I clean/store the dinnerware?

Our Passage collection can be washed in a dishwasher. Ensure items are dry before long-term storage. 

Is it safe to eat hot meals from?

It is perfectly safe to eat hot foods from all of our dinnerware. We recommend holding the bowl by the base but holding by the sidewalls work well too thanks to our cool-grip fin technology. 

Does it collapse?

Passage dinnerware does not collapse. Frontier and Detour dinnerware collapses flat and nests together to take up minimal space in a pack or kitchen box. 

Is it dishwasher-safe?

All of the Passage collection can be washed is a dishwasher.