Ember Sleeping Quilt - EBIII

Ember Sleeping Quilt – EBIII

The ultra-light Ember quilts are an incredibly versatile sleep system that have so many possible uses. Its balance of size and weight make it an excellent choice to travel with if you hostel and couch-surf. It could be used cycle touring and has a place in the ultra-light weight walkers’ pack. It could also be used over your sleeping bag to add an extra layer of warmth.

The Ember quilt can be used in a few different configurations. If you feel restricted in a sleeping bag, simply sleep under it like a traditional blanket which will allow you to stick your arms and legs out and control your temperature.

If the weather is colder and you wish to trap more warmth you can tighten the foot drawcord to create a mummy shape footbox, and also use the press studs down the side to close the bottom half of the quilt.

Tightening the foot draw cord will cleverly create a pocket which can secure the end of the quilt over a sleeping mat. The upper section of the mat can be secured to the quilt by the supplied adjustable strap system. This system connects with press studs and will ensure that you not only stay securely atop your mat, but that you trap as much warmth around you as possible.

Our Ember quilts use our ultra-light 15D shell and lining fabrics, and are filled with 750+ Loft Ultra Dry Down. The EbI uses a sew through box baffle construction, removing internal baffles for a lighter and more compact construction, suitably adequate for its intended temperature range. The EbII uses a combined horizontal/vertical baffled construction. The vertical baffles covering the chest section holds the down in place, preventing down from thinning over the torso. The EbIII features a tapered combined horizontal/vertical baffled quilt construction for maximum warmth and uses a short zip to create an enclosed footbox.

    ‘EB3 quilt warm down

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      • Tapered combined horizontal/vertical baffled quilt
      • 15D nylon shell and lining for minimal weight and bulk
      • ULTRA-DRY Down™ 750+ Loft – 90/10 Premium Duck Down
      • Includes three adjustable straps to secure onto mattress
      • Short zip to create enclosed footbox
      • Includes lightweight Ultra-Sil® compression bag and a combined storage cell/laundry bag


    Size variation
    Width (shoulders)
    Recommended User Height
    Volume Compressed
    Fill Weight
    Total weight
    130 CM
    4.2 L
    500 G
    747 G
    160 CM
    580 G
    970 G