Nylon Compression Sack

Nylon Compression Sack

Our Compression Sacks will help you squish down your gear with a 2:1 mechanical advantage. They’re designed to evenly distribute the strain for maximum compression. You can rest assured our Compression Sacks will not fall apart when stressed thanks to our careful use of high quality fabrics and materials.


    nylon compression sack storage

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      • Flip-Top-Lid design prevents strap tangling
      • Made of 70D PU-coated nylon, with reinforced stitching on all stress points
      • 4 straps for even compression; eliminates bulging
      • Extra long straps so its easy to fill these to max capacity
      • Nylon webbing grab handle on bottom
      • 2,000mm waterproof fabric
      • Note: seams are not tape-sealed; therefore this product is not waterproof, only water resistant
      • Blue: XS, L
      • Orange: S
      • Green: M, XL


    Size variation
    Volume Compressed
    Extra Small
    6 L
    2 L
    110 G
    10 L
    3.3 L
    128 G
    14 L
    4.5 L
    156 G
    20 L
    6.5 L
    175 G
    Extra Large
    30 L
    10 L
    215 G


    70D Lightweight Fabric

    70D Lightweight Fabric

    This is our standard high density weave waterproof fabric. It is a 70 denier 210T Nylon with a white interior polyurethane (PU) coating. The High density 210T weave gives the fabric a stronger tear strength and greater durability. The white PU coating increases brightness when looking into dry sacks made with this fabric. We vary the PU coating to make two different versions of this fabric: 2,000mm water head rated, and 10,000mm rated. The 2,000mm fabric is used in our nylon stuff sacks, pack covers & compression sacks. The 10,000mm fabric is used in our lightweight dry sacks, eVac dry sacks, dry compression sacks.
    420D Big River Fabric

    420D Big River Fabric

    Otherwise known as our Big River Fabric, this is a super durable ripstop Nylon fabric with a white waterproof TPU (Thermo-Plastic Urethane) laminated to the inside. It is a 420 denier fabric with a water resistance in excess of 10,000mm (we exceeded the limits of our test rig).This fabric has a high density weave and is extremely abrasion resistant . We use this fabric in our range of Big River Dry Bags, Drypacks, and a selection of Solution Gear products where a tough, durable and waterproof fabric is required.
    210D Stopper Fabric

    210D Stopper Fabric

    Our Stopper fabric is made from 210 denier Nylon that is TPU laminated on the outside. The hydrostatic water head test went off the scale on our machine when we tried to find a limit. A departure from our usual internal TPU lamination, Stopper fabric has a stiffer feel than our Big River 420D fabric and a smooth water-shedding finish. The substantial TPU lamination allows us to construct dry bags with permanent welded seams that don’t require any sewing or taping. Stopper fabric is ideal where there is a lot of abrasion coming from the inside (contents) of a bag.
    600D Hydraulic Fabric

    600D Hydraulic Fabric

    The fabric our Hydraulic dry bags are made from, it is stiffer and tougher than our Stopper fabric. It is constructed from a 300D x 600D Nylon with a heavy TPU laminate exterior. The 600D X 300D is the best strength to weight fabric in this category, and the heavy TPU laminate gives a tough, smooth, water-shedding exterior and allows us to weld Hydraulic Dry Bags, meaning no sewing or taping is required. This is our guide/expedition grade dry bag fabric. Our Hydrostatic test machine couldn’t find the water-proof limits of this fabric, and we got bored with trying to abrasion test the fabric to destruction.