Comfort Light S.I. Sleeping Mat

Comfort Light S.I. Sleeping Mat

“Lightweight all-season comfort and performance”

Twice the thickness of our Ultra Light S.I. mat for no more than 160 grams. Using our Delta Core™ technology, the Comfort Light S.I. is for those of us who are looking for the perfect compromise between comfort and weight in a traditional self-inflating foam mat.
At 5 cm thick, you can be sure of a great nights sleep while an R-value of 2.7 will give you plenty of insulation for 3-season comfort and still leave you with plenty of room in your pack for everything else.

All of our S.I. mats use the first ever, multi-function single valve designed specifically for self-inflating mats. No more fighting re-inflation as you try to roll up your mat!



    all season comfort light foam air self inflating si mat mattress pad

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      • Delta Core Technology
      • Anti-slip print on base of mat, helps hold your mat in place when camping on sloping ground is unavoidable
      • Lightweight 30D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU used on top and base
      • Large horizontal triangular cores reduce the weight and bulk without sacrificing support and comfort
      • PU foam is thicker on top of each Delta Core for better insulation directly under you. It also keeps top and bottom surface of foam intact ensuring consistent warmth along entire length of the mat and better bonding with shell fabrics
      • Diagonal supporting foam walls help inflate the mattress and creates a more compact rolled mat
      • 5cm thick
      • R-value: 2.7
      • The Regular size packs down to Ø14.3x33cm


    Size variation
    170 CM
    51 CM
    5 CM
    595 G
    183 CM
    51 CM
    5 CM
    650 G
    198 CM
    64 CM
    5 CM
    880 G


    30D Polyester TPU

    30D Polyester TPU

    The 30D polyester is a lightweight woven fabric with an extrusion TPU lamination and is used in our Self Inflating mats. The TPU lamination makes the fabric airtight and allows the PU foam inside our self inflating mats to be bonded to it.
    Delta Core™ Technology

    Delta Core™ Technology

    Our Delta Core™ technique is a truly innovative approach to reducing the weight and bulk of the polyerthane (PU) foam core of our Self-Inflating mattresses Our patent pending coring process removes up to 40% of the initial volume of the PU foam, retaining enough for optimal support and comfort, while minimising the packed weight and size of the final mattress. Importantly, this coring technique has the additional benefit of keeping the top and bottom surface of the PU foam completely intact. This ensures consistent warmth along the full length of the mattress, avoiding the vertical holes or frame-like gaps that have traditionally allowed warmth to leach downwards. The full foam surface also provides significantly improved bonding of the foam to the shell fabrics of the mattress, thereby greatly reducing the chance of delamination. The shape and size of the Delta Cores™ are adjusted across the different thicknesses of our mattresses to ensure strength and durability, while still giving the user excellent support and self-inflating performance. The horizontal Delta Coring technique is used in our Comfort Light SI, Comfort Plus SI and Comfort Deluxe SI models.