Camp Mat S.I. Sleeping Mat

Camp Mat S.I. Sleeping Mat

“Durable and comfortable all-rounder”

The Camp Mat S.I. is the workhorse of our Self Inflating Sleeping Mat range. Our use of a 75D Polyester makes for a tougher, more abrasion resistant base, while at 3.8cm thick, the Camp Mat is thick enough to keep even the boniest of hips from pushing through to the ground. The high R-value also means its great to use in all seasons.

Whether your’re looking at purchasing for personal or institutional use, this is definitely a product worthy of the Sea to Summit brand name.

All of our S.I. mats use the first ever, multi-function single valve designed specifically for self-inflating mats. No more fighting re-inflation as you try to roll up your mat!

    Durable and comfortable all-rounder

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      • Delta Core-V Technology
      • Robust and durable 75D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU used on top and base
      • Small vertical Delta Cores in body contact areas (shoulders, hips and feet) keep you warmer
      • Larger vertical Delta Cores in non-body contact areas reduce the mat’s weight and bulk
      • R-value: 4.0
      • 3.8cm thick
      • Packs down to Ø15.4x33cm


    Size variation
    183 CM
    51 CM
    3.8 CM
    780 G
    198 CM
    64 CM
    3.8 CM
    1020 G


    75D Polyester TPU

    75D Polyester TPU

    The 75D polyester is a robust and durable woven fabric with an extrusion TPU lamination and is used in our Self Inflating mats. The TPU lamination makes the fabric airtight and allows the PU foam inside our self inflating mats to be bonded to it.