Silicone rubbers or more accurately polysiloxanes are inorganic elastomers with unique properties. The molecular structure is contains Silicone atoms in the backbones as opposed to carbon atoms in most organic polymers and plastics. This makes silicones highly elastic and chemically inert. Silicone rubbers are best at retaining and regaining the original shape after deformation and thus are an ideal choice for resilient components. Silicones are also much more chemically inert and heat resistant as compared to organic polymers. This makes silicones safe for food contact applications and therefore we chose these to invent our X Series range of collapsible kitchenware for outdoor use. Silicones retain their elasticity and food safe properties even after being subject to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees C. The silicones used in our X series range of products are compliant to the food safety standards across the world and being chemically passive do not retain food odours.