Our Proprietary fabric Ultra-Sil® employs Cordura® brand yarn which is a high-tenacity Nylon yarn. High-tenacity Nylon is stronger and more abrasion resistant than standard Nylon fibres of the same weight. We use Cordura® Yarn in all of our 30 denier weight products. Cordura® yarn allows us to make much stronger and long-lasting products throughout our range than we could with regular Nylon.
We use two different versions of 30D Ultra-Sil®: a Sil/PU and a Sil/Sil version depending upon its purpose and use. Sil/Sil 30D high-tenacity Nylon with silicone impregnated on both faces. Silicone impregnation works really well with lightweight fabrics as it improves fabric tear strength, abrasion resistance and packability. Siliconised fabric has a measure of self-healing when punctured. This fabric has a water resistance of 600mm and is used where a product needs to be water-shedding and packable. We use Sil/Sil Ultra-Sil® our packable Ultra-Sil® Day pack, Duffle, Shopping bag and Sling Bag. Sil/PU 30D high-tenacity Nylon with Silicone impregnated on the outer face and a polyurethane (PU) coating on the inside. It has a water resistance of over 2,000mm. The Silicone outer works really well for water shedding and to create a slippery surface for easy packing. The PU coating on the inside improves the waterhead rating and allows for sealing of the seams. We use Sil/PU Ultra-Sil®in products that need to be waterproof, such as our Ultra-Sil® dry day pack, Ultra-Sil® dry sacks, Ultra-Sil® pack liners and many other products.