Stian Aadland

Stian Aadland

Arctic Nature Guide, Photographer and Extreme Camper

BORN Bergen / Norway

RESIDES Longyearbyen / Arctic

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In Norway I go by the nickname “Stian Med Sekken”, directly translated it means “Stian with the backpack”

I grew up right outside of Bergen, Norway with nature right outside the doorstep. From very early age my dad brought me into the mountains both in summer and winter and that laid the foundation for my deep relationship with a life outside.

I work as a Arctic nature guide, photographer, snowboard-bum and part-time adventurer. The last four years I have been living in the worlds northernmost town of Longyearbyen, where the polar bears greatly outnumber the people. My adventures take me from the very high Arctic all the way down to the wilderness of Antarctica. When I am not working in the polar regions I usually live wherever I pitch my tent.

My time spent in nature is not about breaking records and achieving set goals, it’s about freedom and the constant search for the next golden moment. The kind of moments only mother nature can create, like the dancing northern lights, kayaking next to singing whales or riding perfect snow down an untouched mountain far up in the Arctic.

The best thing is, that there is always the next golden moment out there waiting so the journey never really stops.

So far, the highlight of my journey was snowboarding during a total solar eclipse in the high North of Svalbard, a moment so strong that it changed my life. A truly golden moment.

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