Leo Houlding

Leo Houlding

Climber and Adventurer


RESIDES Lake District / UK

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I’m a climber with a passion for adventurous expeditions to really remote places. I enjoy seeking out ascetically beautiful mountains and trying to reach their elusive summits. I’ve spent 20 years climbing hard traditional routes in the UK, Big wall free ascents on El Capitan and major expeditions to giant faces on every continent including Mount Everest for a major IMAX movie, Mount Asgard in Baffin Island, Cerro Autana in the Amazon, Ulvetanna in Antarctica and the Mirror Wall in the Arctic. I’m also a keen skier, snowboarder, kite-skier, skydiver and mountain biker. I work in TV as and adventure TV presenter and have hosted my own shows on BBC, Discovery, Virgin One and featured in dozens of others including Top Gear. I am married with two young children and live in the Lake District, UK. Currently undertaking most ambitious expedition to date – The Spectre Expedition is a 70 day mission to climb the Spectre, the most remote mountain on Earth and kite ski 2000km across Antarctica.


GO! My most out there and ambitious Expedition so far. It’s quite a complex mission, but in a nutshell we’re going to snow-kite all the way across Antarctica and climb the most remote mountain on Earth
The first ascent of Prophet on El Capitan

Q & A

What inspires you to get outdoors?
The joy of nature, fresh air, pushing myself against outdoor challenge, doing exciting things ion amazing places.
Your most challenging career/sport moment?
Serious accident on Cerro Torre in 2001, crushed my talus bone and had to crawl down mountain for 3 days. Less painful The Asgard Project a very exciting expedition where we skydived into a remote massive wall in the Arctic, climbed it via a very hard route and BASE jump doff the summit before a week along hike out.

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