Hazel Findlay

Hazel Findlay


BORN Bristol / UK

RESIDES Chamonix / France

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I’m Hazel Findlay. I’m 28 and I’ve been climbing for 21 years. I’m what people call an all-round climber having been British indoor climbing champion as a youth, to climbing a 6000-meter peak, to ice climbing, to big wall climbing to sport climbing, to bouldering.

I’m experienced in all forms of climbing from big mountains to small boulders. I’m especially interested in the mental challenges of climbing which is why I have recently become a coach specialising in mental training for climbers. I am also a novice paraglider and I hope to combine my many climbing adventures with flying off the top!


I was the first British women to free climb El Cap (1000m big wall) which I’ve done 3 times
I was the first British women to climb the grade of 8c
The first women in the world to climb E9

Q & A

What inspires you to get outdoors
The outdoors is what inspires me to get outdoors. If you look there is enough out there to keep you curious for a lifetime.
What was your most challenging career/sport moment
My challenging moments have been related to a long term shoulder injury I had. Not letting myself loose faith that it would get better was a huge hurdle for me.
Which Sea to Summit product(s) are you excited about most right now and why
I'm really excited about the lightweight sleeping bags and mats. I also love all of the lightweight and compact cookware Sea to Summit do.
What was the most memorable moment in your sporting career so far
Free climbing El Capitan in Yosemite was a big career highlight for me. Living on a wall for six days and not succumbing to fatigue and pressure is an interesting mental challenge. Being on the wall in general is a great experience, waking up with the rock at your side is something I love.

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