Colette McIncerney

Colette McIncerney

Climber and Videographer

BORN Nashville / U.S.

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I’m from Nashville, TN but didn’t start climbing until I went to university in NYC. After my first road trip out west, I was completely hooked not only to the sport of climbing but all the lifestyle things that surrounded it; the community, the way of life, and of course the nature. I dedicated myself to the sport completely about three years later and have never looked back.

I’ve lived a pretty transient life for the past eight years and haven’t spent much more than three months at a time in the same place. These days I’ve been calling Sweden home because that’s where my boyfriend is working, but we’re already planning a move to Helsinki, so again not staying still for long.

When I was younger I had a huge fascination with big cities and the art and culture places like that fostered. When I started climbing I don’t remember it being so much about the outdoors. It wasn’t until a few years down the road when I was exploring these wild western spaces that I remember realising how much I really needed this relationship with nature. Being outdoors became pivotal to my existent at that point and it hasn’t really budged.

Climbing is such an interesting sport where you can have such big fluctuations in performance from one season to the next depending on injury and really just life. It can take a lot of time and effort to perform at the top of your game all the time. My best year for performance in terms of numbers was the spring of 2013 when I did my two hardest climbs ever a 13d (Maroncita) and 14a (China Crisis) in Oliana Spain. But for me, performing at a high level and balancing new challenges in my life is just as, or even more, rewarding than those single climbs. I would say the mission to find this harmonious balance between work and climbing life is probably the most challenging part of my life, with climbing as well.

I’m really excited about all the BAGS Sea to Summit has. I’m amped to try all the dry bags, the new duffles and TravellingLight bags for organising stuff. I’m on the road pretty much 24/7. Along with climbing I’m a photographer and filmer, so I’m really excited to see how I can meld this gear into my life.

Camp spots after a long day of climbing. Or rest days out at my favourite areas. It’s great to take a break between projecting burns places where it’s easy and reasonable to set up the hammocks. Great mid-day naps on the hot summer climbing days!


Climbing 13d (Maroncita) in Oliana Spain
Climbing 14a (China Crisis) in Oliana Spain
Balancing climbing with my second life as a videographer and photographer is my ongoing challenge and goal

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